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 Al-Noor eye hospital is one of the most beloved destination for eye patients in Bangladesh.

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If you are wondering where to find the best ophthalmologist (eye specialist), you must visit our eye hospital. Our doctors are the renowned in the field, ensuring that your eyes receive the best treatment. Our highly qualified specialists, have many years of experience in treating several kinds of eye diseases.

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Free Eye Cataract Surgery

Cataract is a disease which mostly occurs in the elderly population. Cataract requires immediate doctor advice to get the treatment. In Al Noor Eye Hospital offers laser automated technology for Cataract surgery which is a bladeless and painless method. Our doctors have successfully treated cataract patients and again brought back life to their vision.

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our Hospital are open every working day(8 am till 8pm) except Friday, Govt& Eid Holidays are open on Emergency schedule. Call +880258153763 to know more or chat with us.