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Outpatient Department of our hospital provides medical procedures such as Auto-refraction, duct test for watering eyes and an eye pressure test , that can be done in a our hospital Minor OT without an overnight stay. Many Other procedures and tests can be done in a few hours, There are various examinations and operations for eye diseases. Besides, there is an opportunity to buy medicine and spectacles prescribed by the doctor in the hospital.


-We providing Comprehensive eye care services by the most Experienced ophthalmologists of the country.

-Our OPD Department where Separated (Counters / Doctors Refractions) into Male and Female Sections.

-We using the most up to date equipment in ophthalmic services.

-Our efforts to see patients within short time as possibility, do not require any appointment   all patients have to Collect OPD Tickets form Counters.

– Patients are accompanied by staff to whichever department they may need to go and further assistance.

 – Patients of 12 years and under who need OPD services should proceed directly to the Pediatric (Children) department.

– OPD Tickets Are Valid for 7 Days.

-We have Free eye Treatment for Distressed, poorest and helpless patients in our hospitals.


Our Open Hours Are:

Sat To Thu: 8:00 AM till 8:00 PM

Fri: 9:00 AM till 6:00 PM
(Jumma Prayer Break 1:00 PM To 2:30 PM)

All Our Departments Are considered Closed for Prayer Break. 

See Notices for further Information