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Welcome to the website of Al Basar International Foundation (ABIF), Bangladesh.

To meet the growing and pressing needs of people with visual impairments, Al Basar International Foundation– a non-profit organization based in Saudi Arabia- started its operations in Bangladesh in 1992 through establishing its first venture: Al-Noor Eye Hospital in Lamatia, Dhaka. Since then, we have been providing outstanding patient care services using the latest medical advancement and technology and following all the international standards of ophthalmology care.

Continued success and growing customer trust have encouraged us to open several new hospitals to broaden our services across the country where marginalized people are in desperate need for eye related healthcare. We are now serving the people of Bangladesh through 4 branches besides Lalmatia Dhaka; these are located in Uttara, Rajshahi, Tangail and Rangpur.

At present, we have 150 eye care professionals including 39 Ophthalmologists, 16 Optometrists, 27 Opticians, 12 Medical Officers and 37 Nurses across all branches. All of them are continually striving to provide the best possible eye care service to patients who cannot afford to attend costly services offered in the private sector.

We provide cataract and other surgeries for poor and disadvantaged patients free of cost. Our primary aim is to eradicate avoidable blindness from Bangladesh. Because of our humanitarian viewpoint and commitment in combating blindness, our hospitals are among the most trusted and beloved destinations for a large number of eye patients in Bangladesh.

I attribute our outstanding success in Bangladesh to our team of healthcare professionals and support staff.

You are welcome to visit any of our hospitals to see all we offer and how we provide services.

Thank for visiting Al Basar International Foundation website.

Ahmed Taher Hamid Ali,

Country Director
Al Basar Foundation, Bangladesh